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bamboo_forest_kyoto_by_kaboose_18-d2tqh39You’re at work.  You’re stressed.  You’re stuck.  Something needs to change, but you don’t know what.

Welcome to Corporate Bamboo – a place where you can rest your weary, stressed-out head.  This website is a place to learn, have a laugh, and create a respite in your busy day. You will learn a thing or two about creating some mental space to gain perspective.

Corporate Bamboo helps working women clear the mental clutter so they can do their best work.

We all get sidelined by chronic busyness, stress, fear and guilt. At one point or another, we’ve lost track of who we are and what we want out of life.

In my twenty years of corporate life, I’ve learned some key things:

  1. There are waaaay more distractions in your day than there used to be.
  2. Twenty-four hours is still not enough time to get through all the email.
  3. People who appear to have their act together are often the most stressed out.

But, you have more control than you think.

If it’s true that stress slowly kills us (and science backs this up), then we need to change the way we perceive our work lives.  A challenging work environment can erode away our will to live.  But it’s also true that we take our bad stress habits from job to job.  We each have the power to manage and influence the way our work affects us.

As a hub for wrangling your inner stress monster, here you will find practical tips, resources, rants (sometimes we just need to get it out of our system!) and other goodies to keep you from spontaneously exploding during an all-day meeting packed with PowerPoint presentations.

If you’re full of nervous energy about work, your personal life AND secretly wish your to-do list would mysteriously delete itself, then follow these easy steps:

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    • Sit back and take a deep breath. You’re among friends.

About Me

Linda picI’m Linda Lepe and behavior modification is my focus.  I haven’t always been successful with my own behavior-changing activities, but I’ve mastered the skill of watching myself in action (the good, the bad and the really ugly). 

I help others who want to change the habits that are holding them back.  We each have a calm, happy person dwelling inside of us who wants to come out and play!

I’ve done many things in my corporate life, but at the end of the day, I’m always helping others identify and adjust bad/stressful/silly behaviors.  Even my own!  (Especially my own!)

I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA with my husband where we gripe about the long winters and love the beautiful summers.

Please join me on this journey!