Be Successful While You Sleep

bedColor me silly, but I’m a big advocate of sleep.  Yes, it takes a lot of time and eats away at the hours we could be watching The Housewives of Wherever or HGTV.  But I’m a barefaced bitch if I’m consistently shy of my needed shut eye. A girl’s gotta sleep.

Much like George Costanza, I’d happily sleep under my desk if I could figure out the mechanics to fit under there.  (Let’s see: There’s my height. Then the length and width of the desk. Gotta tape measure handy??)

We are one sleep-deprived species.

It has become a badge of honor to work to the point of exhaustion.  Not because you’re plowing the fields, raising a barn or crossing the continent in a Conestoga wagon.  You’re working lots of hours in an office.  You’re running kids around.  Your schedule has no white space.

The busier we are the more we feel we’re achieving what we should in life.

This is nuts!  And I ‘m not alone in thinking this. (I would guess you feel this way too…in the middle of the night…with that pint of Haagen Dazs.)

Arianna Huffington just published a book:

She shares the (bloody) wake-up call that forced her to set new priorities and reconsider how she defines a successful life.

In a world where we measure success with money and power, we’re sure a miserable, stressed-out bunch.  ArHuff (can I call her that?) offers another way.  AND sleep plays a prominent role. Woo hoo!!

Here is an interview with the fabulous Marie Forleo where you can hear more about how true success goes beyond our usual metrics.

My challenge to you is to prioritize your daily activities.  Take care of yourself!  The world needs you well-rested and mentally alive. You’ll be happier for it.

What about you? Is there an important book I should know about?  Check out the Resources section on the website for some of my favorites.

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