How to Take the Sting Out of Mondays

MondaysIt goes without saying that Monday’s stink/suck/chafe.  You come off of a lovely (holiday) weekend only to go back to the breakneck speed of the week.

The schedule is busy.

There’s a ton of email.

Everyone seems grumpy.

How could you NOT be in a bad mood?

But what if you could do a few things to help take the ick out of Monday?

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Zen, Big Foot & the Brangelina Twins

menu blog picYou have it.

Did you know that you have a superpower? Yep! It’s true. You might not know it, but there it is lurking beneath all that clutter.

  • Under the busy schedule.
  • Behind the monstrous stress machine that is your daily life.
  • Around the corner from the demands of your job, family and pets that throw up at inopportune times (how do they know?).

The Superpower? You have an inner calm person that would love to be dusted off and displayed in your cosmic trophy case.

“Don’t be silly,” you think. “I haven’t seen that Zen person since Angelina and Brad had those twins.”

Just because you haven’t recently seen the Calm One doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t exist. It’s like the Loch Ness monster or Big Foot. Yes, it may have been sighted or it may be a hoax, but you can’t deny you’re a little fascinated by the notion.

How, for the love of all that is right in the world, can you get a peek at this centered being?

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Does it even matter?

does not matterThere are a zillion decisions we make in our lifetime. Many we agonize over, like which house to buy, which college to attend. But most are the garden-variety decisions that take up too much time: what to wear, which shampoo to purchase, what to eat for dinner.

Today I lamented over which topic to write for this blog post. Which topic would be most meaningful?

And there’s the problem.

I assume if I make a bad decision I suffer a negative consequence.

This is fear at play.

First, I think there is always a correct answer and a wrong answer. There is no neutral territory. (Never is there neutral terrain!)

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Three Silly Reasons for Gratitude

3 silly thingsWelcome to the holiday season.  If you are in the U.S., I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving that was more restful than hectic.  If you took part in the Black Friday festivities, you are (1) brave, (2) a person who loves a challenge and (3) a bit wacky.

Even though Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s never too late to be thankful and engage your gratitude energy. Gratitude can come not only from big, deep items but from the smallest things that make you smile.  Being able to tap into your gratitude energy means taking charge of your thoughts (even when they get ugly).  There’s no easier way to short-circuit negative thinking than a good dose of gratitude.

With that in mind, I have a few silly things that I am thankful for now and always.

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Is the Future Scary? (Eeesh, I hope not!)

picI’ve heard it said that anxiety is about being fearful of the future.  If you feel stress at work, think about what your stressful future thoughts are.

  • Are you afraid of being a fraud?
  • Not meeting a deadline?
  • Falling short of some expectation?

Take a moment to really wallow in that thought.  See where you feel it in your body.  For me most stress hits me in the stomach and the shoulders.  As my stomach grinds my shoulders inch up toward my ears.  Then a dull pain starts on the left side of my neck and head.

Doesn’t this feel fabulous?

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