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How to Take the Sting Out of Mondays

MondaysIt goes without saying that Monday’s stink/suck/chafe.  You come off of a lovely (holiday) weekend only to go back to the breakneck speed of the week.

The schedule is busy.

There’s a ton of email.

Everyone seems grumpy.

How could you NOT be in a bad mood?

But what if you could do a few things to help take the ick out of Monday?

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Does it even matter?

does not matterThere are a zillion decisions we make in our lifetime. Many we agonize over, like which house to buy, which college to attend. But most are the garden-variety decisions that take up too much time: what to wear, which shampoo to purchase, what to eat for dinner.

Today I lamented over which topic to write for this blog post. Which topic would be most meaningful?

And there’s the problem.

I assume if I make a bad decision I suffer a negative consequence.

This is fear at play.

First, I think there is always a correct answer and a wrong answer. There is no neutral territory. (Never is there neutral terrain!)

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Stop Ignoring Your Gift

gift boxWhat if I told you that you have a super-power? It’s a part of your genius that is always at your fingertip


Beth is an accountant but that’s not her super-power. Her gift is that she can take complex financial information and make it palatable to her clients. They love her because she understands the gobbledygook and then translates that crap information in a way that is meaningful.

To Beth this is no big deal. In fact she hardly thinks it’s a gift at all. It’s just the way she works — which is awesome for her raving clients.    

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Open Your Eyes to Serenity + 2 Freebies

tulips editedWhat’s one of the quickest ways to inject some calm into your day? Hint: it’s right in front of your eyes.

Want to feel super-powerful? Consider that you have a choice about where you look. Quick, what is around you that brings about a sense of calm?

Perhaps you want to look at a big, honking’ piece of chocolate or that perfectly blended margarita.  (It was a bad day, right?)   Too often your workspace is full of papers, bland colors and those office-y dust bunnies.  I recommend that you have an oasis for your eyes.  Give them a nice place to rest for a few moments.

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The Smell of Stress Success

2014-01-20 10.42.08Greetings from Dubrovnik, Croatia.  I am part of a group of 28 women who are here to sightsee, relax and enjoy seven days of female-bonding.

Early in the trip I was talking to two sisters, Nancy and Jayne, about ways to reduce stress.  They are big believers in aromatherapy and brought along quite a collection of essential oils.  At the airport we sniffed and discussed the various bottles they brought.

You don’t need to be an aromatherapy person to appreciate your sense of smell.  It can evoke strong feelings.  For instance, bacon (yum!), chocolate (drool!), the ocean (mmmmm).

Last night we returned to the hotel after a sightseeing excursion, and I noticed that one of my credit cards was missing.  Being the well-prepared little traveler, I had on hand the phone numbers of my credit card companies.  I was suppose to have dinner with Nancy and Jayne but told them to go without me since I needed to get this situation sorted.

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