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Does it even matter?

does not matterThere are a zillion decisions we make in our lifetime. Many we agonize over, like which house to buy, which college to attend. But most are the garden-variety decisions that take up too much time: what to wear, which shampoo to purchase, what to eat for dinner.

Today I lamented over which topic to write for this blog post. Which topic would be most meaningful?

And there’s the problem.

I assume if I make a bad decision I suffer a negative consequence.

This is fear at play.

First, I think there is always a correct answer and a wrong answer. There is no neutral territory. (Never is there neutral terrain!)

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Is the Future Scary? (Eeesh, I hope not!)

picI’ve heard it said that anxiety is about being fearful of the future.  If you feel stress at work, think about what your stressful future thoughts are.

  • Are you afraid of being a fraud?
  • Not meeting a deadline?
  • Falling short of some expectation?

Take a moment to really wallow in that thought.  See where you feel it in your body.  For me most stress hits me in the stomach and the shoulders.  As my stomach grinds my shoulders inch up toward my ears.  Then a dull pain starts on the left side of my neck and head.

Doesn’t this feel fabulous?

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Open Your Eyes to Serenity + 2 Freebies

tulips editedWhat’s one of the quickest ways to inject some calm into your day? Hint: it’s right in front of your eyes.

Want to feel super-powerful? Consider that you have a choice about where you look. Quick, what is around you that brings about a sense of calm?

Perhaps you want to look at a big, honking’ piece of chocolate or that perfectly blended margarita.  (It was a bad day, right?)   Too often your workspace is full of papers, bland colors and those office-y dust bunnies.  I recommend that you have an oasis for your eyes.  Give them a nice place to rest for a few moments.

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Be Successful While You Sleep

bedColor me silly, but I’m a big advocate of sleep.  Yes, it takes a lot of time and eats away at the hours we could be watching The Housewives of Wherever or HGTV.  But I’m a barefaced bitch if I’m consistently shy of my needed shut eye. A girl’s gotta sleep.

Much like George Costanza, I’d happily sleep under my desk if I could figure out the mechanics to fit under there.  (Let’s see: There’s my height. Then the length and width of the desk. Gotta tape measure handy??)

We are one sleep-deprived species.

It has become a badge of honor to work to the point of exhaustion.  Not because you’re plowing the fields, raising a barn or crossing the continent in a Conestoga wagon.  You’re working lots of hours in an office.  You’re running kids around.  Your schedule has no white space.

The busier we are the more we feel we’re achieving what we should in life.

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The One Thought That Takes All the Fun Out of Life

chairI’d like to welcome you to my Grind Mind.  Spacious, isn’t it?  I spend a lot of time here though I try not to. Please look around, have a seat and make yourself comfortable.  It’s not pretty, but it isn’t grimy either.  Don’t worry. I won’t keep you long.

As you can see my Grind Mind is cluttered with lots of useless thoughts that serve no purpose.  Some of these thoughts have been permanently disabled.  Some are late models in working condition.  If you look over here, you’ll find thoughts that are still in mint condition. I’m hoping to deactivate them soon.

Read more about the Grind Mind here.

I asked you here today to see a model of efficiency.  In fact it’s one of the epic thought patterns that holds me back again and again.  Since this thought is stored in my Grind Mind, it is not a productive thought.  But I can’t seem to make it go away.

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