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Is the Future Scary? (Eeesh, I hope not!)

picI’ve heard it said that anxiety is about being fearful of the future.  If you feel stress at work, think about what your stressful future thoughts are.

  • Are you afraid of being a fraud?
  • Not meeting a deadline?
  • Falling short of some expectation?

Take a moment to really wallow in that thought.  See where you feel it in your body.  For me most stress hits me in the stomach and the shoulders.  As my stomach grinds my shoulders inch up toward my ears.  Then a dull pain starts on the left side of my neck and head.

Doesn’t this feel fabulous?

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Stress Triggers & Other Forms of Entertainment

MonsterWhat sets off your stress monster?

For me it goes something like this:

I have back-to-back-to-back meetings.  No time for lunch.  Plus I have after-work commitments.  I’m full-throttle Linda from the moment I wake up until my head hits the pillow at night.  Worse yet, I have this schedule for several consecutive days. 

How do I feel when this happens?  Claustrophobic.  I have no space; no time to gather my thoughts.  Air!  I need air!

Obviously, a packed schedule is one of my stress triggers.

But for my friend, Maggie, this type of schedule inspires her.  She gets a lot done on those busy days and her stress monster isn’t in the least bit annoyed.

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The Birth of a Book

reading-bookDo you have a long-held goal or wish?  Maybe you want to run a marathon, or visit Thailand, or become a supermodel.  Perhaps you knew since you were a child that you wanted to be an astronaut/accountant/acrobat.

Is there something you’re yearning to do?

For me, it’s to write a book.  The problem is that the universe didn’t give me more specific instructions.  What should I write about?

At one point, during the Greed-Is-Good 1980s, I wanted to be the next Jackie Collins, writing fiction about the rich, sleazy and famous (with big shoulder pads).  I’ve also dabbled with other topics ranging from food & fitness to personal finance.  But, alas, no book.

More recently my book-writing desire has quietly percolated, wondering when the right topic would present itself again.

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3 Ways to Survive Your Next Hellish Meeting

Conference roomSay you’re in a meeting.

Wait!  Let’s make it worse.

You’re in a meeting in an airless conference room with 8 people you can’t stand.

For the next 60 minutes you’ll listen to a tedious presentation about something of which you have marginal interest.

This meeting is a waste of your time!  The guy sitting next to you is oozing smugness and a bad haircut.  The woman across from you hates your guts from that strategy meeting you ran last year.  In addition you can hear your email inbox exploding.

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My First Workshop Is Scheduled!

Stress Less logoSound the trumpets!  My first workshop is Wed, September 25th.

Stress Less At Work: Stress Busting Tips for Corporate Women is designed to help you gain an upper-hand in your work day.

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