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How to Take the Sting Out of Mondays

MondaysIt goes without saying that Monday’s stink/suck/chafe.  You come off of a lovely (holiday) weekend only to go back to the breakneck speed of the week.

The schedule is busy.

There’s a ton of email.

Everyone seems grumpy.

How could you NOT be in a bad mood?

But what if you could do a few things to help take the ick out of Monday?

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Open Your Eyes to Serenity + 2 Freebies

tulips editedWhat’s one of the quickest ways to inject some calm into your day? Hint: it’s right in front of your eyes.

Want to feel super-powerful? Consider that you have a choice about where you look. Quick, what is around you that brings about a sense of calm?

Perhaps you want to look at a big, honking’ piece of chocolate or that perfectly blended margarita.  (It was a bad day, right?)   Too often your workspace is full of papers, bland colors and those office-y dust bunnies.  I recommend that you have an oasis for your eyes.  Give them a nice place to rest for a few moments.

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The One Thought That Takes All the Fun Out of Life

chairI’d like to welcome you to my Grind Mind.  Spacious, isn’t it?  I spend a lot of time here though I try not to. Please look around, have a seat and make yourself comfortable.  It’s not pretty, but it isn’t grimy either.  Don’t worry. I won’t keep you long.

As you can see my Grind Mind is cluttered with lots of useless thoughts that serve no purpose.  Some of these thoughts have been permanently disabled.  Some are late models in working condition.  If you look over here, you’ll find thoughts that are still in mint condition. I’m hoping to deactivate them soon.

Read more about the Grind Mind here.

I asked you here today to see a model of efficiency.  In fact it’s one of the epic thought patterns that holds me back again and again.  Since this thought is stored in my Grind Mind, it is not a productive thought.  But I can’t seem to make it go away.

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The Birth of a Book

reading-bookDo you have a long-held goal or wish?  Maybe you want to run a marathon, or visit Thailand, or become a supermodel.  Perhaps you knew since you were a child that you wanted to be an astronaut/accountant/acrobat.

Is there something you’re yearning to do?

For me, it’s to write a book.  The problem is that the universe didn’t give me more specific instructions.  What should I write about?

At one point, during the Greed-Is-Good 1980s, I wanted to be the next Jackie Collins, writing fiction about the rich, sleazy and famous (with big shoulder pads).  I’ve also dabbled with other topics ranging from food & fitness to personal finance.  But, alas, no book.

More recently my book-writing desire has quietly percolated, wondering when the right topic would present itself again.

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What To Do When You Don’t Have (Or Can’t Find) a Teddy Bear

teddy bearUgh!  You just had the worst day.  The kind of day that defines badness.  A Hall of Fame, super-sized awful day.  An epic fail.

You want to punt, take a knee, let the clock run out, call a mulligan (use your favorite sports analogy here).

How do you detox from that?

What you’re seeking after a bad day is comfort, a way to release all that negative energy.

If think you are too old for a stuffed animal, think again.  But there are other options to bring you back into balance.

The next time you have ‘one of those days’ here’s a calming pose that will bring about peacefulness and a quieter mind in about 10 – 15 minutes.

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