Does it even matter?

does not matterThere are a zillion decisions we make in our lifetime. Many we agonize over, like which house to buy, which college to attend. But most are the garden-variety decisions that take up too much time: what to wear, which shampoo to purchase, what to eat for dinner.

Today I lamented over which topic to write for this blog post. Which topic would be most meaningful?

And there’s the problem.

I assume if I make a bad decision I suffer a negative consequence.

This is fear at play.

First, I think there is always a correct answer and a wrong answer. There is no neutral territory. (Never is there neutral terrain!)

Second, I reflect (too long) on what being wrong will mean to me.

It’s no wonder fear is always playing in my mental backyard. All that pressure to be correct. It’s enough to make me want to nap and let the decision-making event dissipate.

What if it doesn’t matter what my decision is? The black sweater has the same outcome as the blue. The chicken noodle soup is no better or worse than the minestrone. The blog post on decision-making is as good as a post about exercise.

The fear lies in being wrong, making a decision that will surely mean disaster or living in a van down by the river. Not all of our decisions are that important. In fact, most aren’t.

Give yourself a break today! Make a decision and free yourself from the ‘what-ifs.’ It will take time to master this, but you are giving yourself a gift…a calmer mind.

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