How to Take the Sting Out of Mondays

MondaysIt goes without saying that Monday’s stink/suck/chafe.  You come off of a lovely (holiday) weekend only to go back to the breakneck speed of the week.

The schedule is busy.

There’s a ton of email.

Everyone seems grumpy.

How could you NOT be in a bad mood?

But what if you could do a few things to help take the ick out of Monday?

At least you would have a chance to get through the day a tiny, wee bit saner.

My friend Paige is a pro at Mondays.  She always has a nonstop day.  Not only does she spend three hours in the care driving to and from work, she has little down time.  The day starts at 7:00 am and goes until 5:30 or 6:00 pm.  There are phone calls, emails and meetings, all while she’s tooling around in her mobile office car.

Long ago Paige realized that she could dread Mondays or create a mindset that helps her get through the day.  Here’s how she does it:

  • Dinner for Monday is prepared on Sunday.  When she gets home after that long day, she just heats it up.
  • She exercises on Sunday because she knows there is no time on Monday.  This helps her sleep better on Sunday night plus the good exercise juju carries into Monday.
  • Paige makes herself a big salad and packs it into a small cooler along with mineral water.
  • During the brief thirty minute window she has for lunch, she pulls her mobile office car into a local park and has lunch while listening to an audio book.

None of this protects her from cranky people or having a big project blow up.  But she is in a more calm state because of the effort she took to smooth out her day.

This is what I call…

Setting yourself up for success!

I believe so strongly in this concept that I wouldn’t crawl out of bed unless I gave myself the best chance of having a good day.

If my Monday meant schlepping myself out of bed at the last possible minute, followed by a rush to shower, dress and hit the door with no breakfast and no idea what lunch would be….

I  may as well stay in bed and pull the covers over my head.

Here’s my challenge to you.  How can you have a better Monday?

Think about the small things you can do to help yourself start the week on the right foot.

Maybe it’s listening to music that puts you in a good mood.  Or using a special soap or shampoo that smells so good.

What can you do start the work week in your best state of mind?

And please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Have a tolerable, if not pleasant, Monday.


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