It’s Hideous (& One of My Stress Triggers)!

videoToday I must rant about my neck.

But first I have a question for you.

Have you ever been video recorded for work?  Maybe you were doing a presentation and someone thought you should see how you look and sound.

This is a huge, automatic stress trigger for me.  I scrutinize my hair, face and seemingly nasally voice to the point that I don’t learn a thing about my presentation skills.  Who is that awful woman on the screen?  And, for the love of Jacob, when is she going to shut up?

Now you know I have a loving way with myself in these situations.

And I am a martyr.

Part of the joy of an eBook is that you can add content not typically found in traditional books.  For example, you can include online links, audio files and video. I am writing an eBook (THE WORKING WOMAN’S SANITY HANDBOOK) and, being a bit tech-geeky, wanted to enhance the reader’s experience with some videos (created by me; starring me; natch).

Enter the horror of my neck.

I cannot comprehend the mountainous terrain of neck that I see on these videos.  Holy cats, why haven’t I ever noticed how shocking I looked from the chin down?

The witty and wonderful Nora Ephron wrote a book called I Feel Bad About My Neck.  Yes I do.

Be prepared to see me wearing big scarfs.  (I have a better appreciation of the stylings of the Elizabethan era.)

Side thought:  Why can’t I cast myself in the same dreamy light Barbara Walters uses?

Step one to managing your stress is to know what your triggers are.

Step two is to find ways (that work for you) to manage those triggers.

Big Obvious Lesson:  As women we obsess about our appearance.  It’s understandable but not productive.  If this is a stress trigger for you, find kind ways to talk to yourself. No one cares about your appearance as much as you do. Let it go, my dear one, so you can enjoy your life.

See how silly I look when I try to be Barbara Walters (albeit a blurry, radiant BW)?

I’m glow-y but not really me.  Please be yourself and stop, Stop, STOP, S-T-O-P picking on yourself.  Or I swear I will bring my blur filter and blur the daylights out of you!


Learn more about your stress triggers & how to control them.  THE WORKING WOMAN’S SANITY HANDBOOK comes out in late April.

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Do you have irrational fears about how you look?  Please share in the COMMENTS section. This is an all-too-common stress trigger in women. Let’s stand together and change our ways (or have a good laugh).

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