Open Your Eyes to Serenity + 2 Freebies

tulips editedWhat’s one of the quickest ways to inject some calm into your day? Hint: it’s right in front of your eyes.

Want to feel super-powerful? Consider that you have a choice about where you look. Quick, what is around you that brings about a sense of calm?

Perhaps you want to look at a big, honking’ piece of chocolate or that perfectly blended margarita.  (It was a bad day, right?)   Too often your workspace is full of papers, bland colors and those office-y dust bunnies.  I recommend that you have an oasis for your eyes.  Give them a nice place to rest for a few moments.

This can provide you the time to gather your last nerve before you push through the rest of day.  

Take a look at this picture. These are all items that make me calm and happy.

  • Tulips represent Spring which has been elusive in my part of the world (check local listings).
  • The glass bowl is from a trip to Prague where the most beautiful glass art is created.
  • The picture in the frame is chalk art.

 I try to put beauty in clear view as a way to refocus my mind.

Think about the places in your life where you feel the most stress. It may be at your desk, in your car or standing in line at the grocery store — behind the person with 42 items in the fast lane.

What can you do today to create an oasis for your eyes, especially when you know you are going to be stressed?

You can put beauty anywhere: on your phone, your desk or dashboard.

Consciously moving your eyes toward something lovely will counteract the stress trigger. Then take a deep a breath to seal in the respite.

What do you look at to bring about inner calm? Please share in the COMMENTS section. I just love to hear your ideas, so share away!



FREEBIE #1:  Have you received your book preview yet? THE WORKING WOMAN’S SANITY GUIDE is coming soon. Get a FREE sneak peek by clicking HERE.

FREEBIE #2:  Keeping your body in good working order is key to managing stress. If your body is in “hibernation mode” check out this FREE 21 Day Get Moving Challenge from Nichole Kellerman. I like her energy and her message. it may be just what you need :)  Click HERE for more info.


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