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Would you like to take a stressful day/week/month and drop into a more centered version of yourself?

Would you like to know how to do this on-the-fly? In an instant?

The Tranquility Ninja program is an online minicourse that will help you tap into your Zen self. The bite-size modules provide tips and techniques that allow you to be all stealthy with your ability to get calm.

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Thank you for an amazing day!!

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This women’s retreat will take place in a beautiful space overlooking serene Lake Monona. It will take place from 10am to 4pm. Here’s how the day will flow:

  • Relax and slow down your body and mind using  breathing techniques and light stretching. (You don’t need to be a yogi or do a down dog.)
  • Take a close look at your unique talents, gifts and superpowers. (Don’t think you have any? Think again!)
  • Enjoy a yummy lunch made especially for us by a local chef who will give us some tips for healthy cooking.
  • Explore how to share your talent/gift/superpower with the world around you. Learn how to do this when you’re having a chaotic day and need to get centered.
  • Then we’ll end the day with a fun wine tasting led by a Madison-area wine expert.

This is a day for you; to pamper yourself and get aligned.