Stop Ignoring Your Gift

gift boxWhat if I told you that you have a super-power? It’s a part of your genius that is always at your fingertip


Beth is an accountant but that’s not her super-power. Her gift is that she can take complex financial information and make it palatable to her clients. They love her because she understands the gobbledygook and then translates that crap information in a way that is meaningful.

To Beth this is no big deal. In fact she hardly thinks it’s a gift at all. It’s just the way she works — which is awesome for her raving clients.    

Mary Ann has a gift for food. She can take a grilled cheese sandwich and make it more delicious than prime rib on a Saturday night. Plus she’ll inspire you to go home and make your own awesome grilled cheese sandwich. Her enthusiasm for food is infectious.

Mary Ann doesn’t recognize her gift either. She just loves food and shares that love with others — which is awesome for her friends who love to eat her delicious recipes.

Do you know your gift?

Before we go any further, let’s take an oath. Please raise your right hand and repeat after me.

I <state your name>, promise to ferret out my special gift and share it with the world, even if I think the gift is dorky, silly or nothing special. The world needs more goodness and I have a duty to share my gift with others.

What does my gift have to do with stress?

Here at Corporate Bamboo we talk a lot about managing stress at work. I believe that underneath all that stress and angst is a gift just waiting to meet the world. But you can’t access your super-power/gift when you are in a constant state of distress. You may know your gift but find it hard to have the energy to share it. Or you may not know what your gift is. Either way your specialness is not seeing the light of day.

Step one to living a more full life is to get your stress monster under control. A calm brain and body provide many benefits including:

  • Better health
  • Serenity
  • A return of your sense of humor
  • The love of your friends and family
  • The treasure map to your special gift

This summer I’ll explore ways you can sleuth out your special gift(s). Consider this the carrot at the end of the stick. If you can clear the clutter in your mind you get the keys to your shiny gift.


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