The Birth of a Book

reading-bookDo you have a long-held goal or wish?  Maybe you want to run a marathon, or visit Thailand, or become a supermodel.  Perhaps you knew since you were a child that you wanted to be an astronaut/accountant/acrobat.

Is there something you’re yearning to do?

For me, it’s to write a book.  The problem is that the universe didn’t give me more specific instructions.  What should I write about?

At one point, during the Greed-Is-Good 1980s, I wanted to be the next Jackie Collins, writing fiction about the rich, sleazy and famous (with big shoulder pads).  I’ve also dabbled with other topics ranging from food & fitness to personal finance.  But, alas, no book.

More recently my book-writing desire has quietly percolated, wondering when the right topic would present itself again.

Sometimes the best topics are the ones we live each day.

Work stress is so prevalent that we’re not sure it should be a problem we admit to.  Work and stress seem to go together like bacon and eggs.  Who are we to deny it?

But we’re more aware of the effect cholesterol stress has on us with each published medical study.  So now there’s no turning back.  Either we admit to the harmfulness of too much cholesterol stress or we live with the consequences.

What an easy segue to a book, right?  What took me so long?


The Working Woman’s Sanity Handbook is my girlfriend hug to each of you, like we’re friends meeting after work to talk about our day.  One of the benefits of friendship is that we learn from each other without having to do everything exactly alike (unless we’re thirteen year old girls shopping for clothes).

My approach to managing stress is to build a toolbox of techniques/ideas that work for you.  If you don’t know about the many tools available, how can you experiment and find the right fit?

Plus you may not know which tool works best for that particular stressful situation you keep bumping into…again and again.  Awareness of your stress triggers will help you match up the best tool.  No need for the big wrench when the big-ass hammer works like a charm.

The book will be released on February 25th.  You have an opportunity get the book and workbook for $27 (a $20 savings).

You can read more about the book and the accompanying workbook HERE.

Everything I’ve know about creating new and productive behaviors says that you need a few things:

  1. Knowledge
  2. The ability to apply that knowledge
  3. Chances to adjust and modify your approach
  4. Support

The reason why I wrote the workbook is that information alone probably won’t change your work-stress situation for the long-term.  Without a chance to try out new ideas and make them your own, you’ll just a read a nice book and go back to your day-to-day life.  New habits tend to stick when you think them through, try them out and fold them into your life.

My wish for you is to:

  • Take this stress monster that you live with
  • Look it in the eye
  • Give it some strong rules to live by
  • Turn the stress monster into a stress gnat

Yes, the gnat is pesky and annoying but it isn’t huge and hiding under your desk. You can squash it with the right tool.

In other words, you take control.

To take advantage of the presale offer, please click HERE.

If there are specific stress monsters lurking in your life, please share in the COMMENTS section.  Monsters are less monsterish when they are exposed to the light of day.

If you want to share your long-time dreams, please do so in the COMMENTS section.  I am very interested in that too.

 Be good to yourself!  Give your stress monster a hug and take the fear out of the equation.

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