The One Thought That Takes All the Fun Out of Life

chairI’d like to welcome you to my Grind Mind.  Spacious, isn’t it?  I spend a lot of time here though I try not to. Please look around, have a seat and make yourself comfortable.  It’s not pretty, but it isn’t grimy either.  Don’t worry. I won’t keep you long.

As you can see my Grind Mind is cluttered with lots of useless thoughts that serve no purpose.  Some of these thoughts have been permanently disabled.  Some are late models in working condition.  If you look over here, you’ll find thoughts that are still in mint condition. I’m hoping to deactivate them soon.

Read more about the Grind Mind here.

I asked you here today to see a model of efficiency.  In fact it’s one of the epic thought patterns that holds me back again and again.  Since this thought is stored in my Grind Mind, it is not a productive thought.  But I can’t seem to make it go away.

Please meet Perfectionism.

Hold your applause.

Perfectionism has been keeping me company too much these days.

You may know that I am writing a book called THE WORKING WOMAN’S SANITY HANDBOOK.  It has been a lifelong dream to write a book.  But I can’t seem to shake Perfectionism.  This tenant of my Grind Mind has been with me for as long as I can remember.  It held my hand during my academic years and whipped me into shape throughout my career.

The problem is I don’t want to associate with Perfectionism any longer.

Perfectionism keeps talking to me like I’m trying to win a Pulitzer or Nobel prize.  There are days when I can’t write because Perfectionism is hovering over me.  It’s a nag and taking all the stinkin’ fun out of writing this book.

When my eyes pop open each morning, Perfectionism greets me with tales of how I need to get to work and make this book the best damn book ever written.  It MUST exceed everyone’s expectations and be the best prose ever scratched onto paper (or virtual paper since it is an eBook).

Perfectionism also tells me that my entire future hinges on the success of this book.  If the book fails, then I’ve wasted my precious time (and life) on a folly.

In the meantime, the rest of my brain has grown weary of Perfectionism.  It used to get a lot more respect but wore out its welcome.  It’s such a buzz kill.  The other thoughts that reside in my brain like Compassion and Fun hardly get a word in edgewise.

I want Perfectionism to hit the road.  But it’s been hard to show it the door.

Turn the Bad Thought Into a Productive One

Chances are even your most annoying thoughts have served you well at one point. Perfectionism is a bully but its intention is to make sure I try my best.  I can’t deny that the intention is good.  The methods, however, suck.

Think about what resides in your Grind Mind.  Are there nagging thoughts that haunt you?  What is the intention?  Can you make peace with that thought?

I’d love to hear stories about what lives in your Grind Mind.  Please leave a COMMENT or reply to this email.  If you know someone who has a well-developed Grind Mind, please forward this email to them.  We can learn to make friends with these thoughts.  It isn’t easy but it can be done.

Learn more about the Grind Mind and ways to tame it.  THE WORKING WOMAN’S SANITY HANDBOOK comes out in April.

You can preorder here.

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