The Smell of Stress Success

2014-01-20 10.42.08Greetings from Dubrovnik, Croatia.  I am part of a group of 28 women who are here to sightsee, relax and enjoy seven days of female-bonding.

Early in the trip I was talking to two sisters, Nancy and Jayne, about ways to reduce stress.  They are big believers in aromatherapy and brought along quite a collection of essential oils.  At the airport we sniffed and discussed the various bottles they brought.

You don’t need to be an aromatherapy person to appreciate your sense of smell.  It can evoke strong feelings.  For instance, bacon (yum!), chocolate (drool!), the ocean (mmmmm).

Last night we returned to the hotel after a sightseeing excursion, and I noticed that one of my credit cards was missing.  Being the well-prepared little traveler, I had on hand the phone numbers of my credit card companies.  I was suppose to have dinner with Nancy and Jayne but told them to go without me since I needed to get this situation sorted.

Meanwhile, Calm Linda and Freaked Out Linda were having a conversation (or argument) in my head:

Calm LindaSee?  You know exactly what to do.  No need to panic.  Just call Visa and deactivate the card.

Freaked Out LindaOMG! This is a disaster!! You’re so, so screwed!

CLYou are fine. You have another card you can use. Just breathe. No worries.

FOLMayday! Mayday! Losing a credit card in a foreign country = World’s Biggest Loser! What’s next?  Are you gonna lose your passport too? Better go find the American Embassy and throw yourself upon their mercy. Note to self:  No foreign travel EVER again.

After I got off the phone with Visa….and tried to talk Freaked Out Linda off the balcony, I heard a knock at my door.

There was Nancy and Jayne with a little aromatherapy bottle called Grounding.

“We thought you could use this,” Nancy said.

I love these women.  And I was finally able to quiet Freaked Out Linda for good.

Your sense of smell is a powerful tool to add to your stress-busting toolbox.  For me, ginger, citrus, clove and coriander are soothing scents.  For you it might be lavender, baby powder, red wine or eau du Dove Bar.

Don’t neglect the gift that your nose provides.

All of our senses have the ability soothe us.  Likewise, our senses can freak us out.  Can you imagine if Freaked Out Linda smelled smoke while she was having her meltdown?  (Perhaps she was smelling smoke.  Who knows?)

Also, be aware of the voices in your head that are fighting for your attention.  In the past I would have attached myself to Freaked Out Linda and berated Calm Linda as being a bit naïve.  Fortunately I was turned off by FOL’s drama.  That’s progress.

How about you?  Any travel blunders you’d like to share?  Are there times when the voices for your head compete for your attention?  Please share in the COMMENTS section (so I don’t feel like a total doofus).


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6 comments on “The Smell of Stress Success”

  1. Kären Reply

    What a great title for a blog! I’ve heard so many great things about aromatherapy — bring some bottles back :)

    • Linda Lepe Reply

      Nancy & Jayne gave me the bottle of Grounding. Looking forward to more exploration on this topic.

  2. Dolores Richgels Reply

    Thanks, for sharing your personal experience. Our minds can really do a number on us. But we can counter that with positive self;talk. Dolores

    • Linda Lepe Reply

      Dolores, you are so correct! One of my biggest aha moments was learning that I don’t have to agree w/what my mind is telling me. Just observing it can be amusing and/or enlightening.

  3. Susan Thomson Reply

    Omg you totally crack me up! My best one was getting pick-pocketed in Brussels – had to have my boss “accompany” me through the airport parking garage and pay for my parking so I could retrieve my car! Kinda embarrassing…

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