Three Silly Reasons for Gratitude

3 silly thingsWelcome to the holiday season.  If you are in the U.S., I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving that was more restful than hectic.  If you took part in the Black Friday festivities, you are (1) brave, (2) a person who loves a challenge and (3) a bit wacky.

Even though Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s never too late to be thankful and engage your gratitude energy. Gratitude can come not only from big, deep items but from the smallest things that make you smile.  Being able to tap into your gratitude energy means taking charge of your thoughts (even when they get ugly).  There’s no easier way to short-circuit negative thinking than a good dose of gratitude.

With that in mind, I have a few silly things that I am thankful for now and always.

  • Cat videos.  Specifically this one.  Even if you are not a cat person, this three minute video is well-done (by Friskies) and darn funny.  Think about how your pets may talk to one another.  Or consider how you would explain your world to a co-worker or friend.  Then use the voice of The Cat to describe it all…with the piano background music.



  • The website PicMonkey.  What a blast!  It’s a place for those of us who find Photoshop overwhelming/confusing/excessive.  I used PicMonkey for this image and for most of the visual items you see on the Corporate Bamboo website.

What about you?  How do you flex your gratitude muscle?  Especially if it’s silly? Leave a comment below.

Small-Size-Ebook-JPGOn another note, since it is the holiday season, how about giving the gift of sanity to a friend (or yourself)?  THE WORKING WOMAN’S SANITY HANDBOOK will help clear the mental clutter during the holidays and throughout the year.  Click here for an ebook overview and to purchase.

And finally, take a moment to truly, deeply, thoroughly enjoy the season.

With gratitude,

photo credit – Death to Stock Photo


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