What Does ‘Corporate Bamboo’ Mean?

QuestionsThis question came from my parents.  I sent them a link to this website so they could see what I’ve been working on.

The two words don’t seem to go together, they said.

Exactly my point!

What do you think of  when you hear the word ‘Corporate?’

I think of cubicles, meetings, deadlines, profit & losses, bosses, stress, stress, stress.

The word ‘Bamboo’ has another meaning.

Green, soothing, restorative, quiet, calm, calm, calm.

The term I use for this is a mash-up.  Corporate Bamboo is the mash-up of the stressful Corporate world and the peaceful Bamboo life — my vision for this website.

Compare & Contrast

Enter the trusty thesaurus, a vital tool of any writer.  I looked up the word ‘stress’ and found the following:

  • strain
  • pressure
  • tension
  • worry
  • anxiety
  • difficulty

Then I looked at the antonyms of these words.  If you remember your grammar classes from way back when (or the dawn of time for me), an antonym has the opposite meaning.  Here are the words I saw:

  • relax
  • calm
  • ease
  • peace
  • confidence
  • joy
  • trust
  • happiness

Wow!  What a difference.

Which world do you live in?

I’m not saying that all corporate jobs entail stress. (Though I’d like to know where these low-stress jobs are!)  Or even that all of our work activities are stressful.  But if you often feel tension, worry and other feelings in the stress realm, then maybe a mash-up is just what you need.  Smash some ease, peacefulness and confidence into your day.

I strongly believe that begins with learning, knowing and understanding how your body feels when you are stressed.

What is your breathing like?

Where do you hold tension in your body?

That is the starting point, my precious stress bunnies.  Once we get wise to our bodies, our minds will follow suit.


I am currently writing my first mini-ebook called Stress Less at Work: Stress-Busting Tips for Corporate Women.  This will be free to all subscribers of the Corporate Bamboo mailing list.  Be sure to sign up on the right side of this post so you will be the first to receive it.


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