What To Do When You Don’t Have (Or Can’t Find) a Teddy Bear

teddy bearUgh!  You just had the worst day.  The kind of day that defines badness.  A Hall of Fame, super-sized awful day.  An epic fail.

You want to punt, take a knee, let the clock run out, call a mulligan (use your favorite sports analogy here).

How do you detox from that?

What you’re seeking after a bad day is comfort, a way to release all that negative energy.

If think you are too old for a stuffed animal, think again.  But there are other options to bring you back into balance.

The next time you have ‘one of those days’ here’s a calming pose that will bring about peacefulness and a quieter mind in about 10 – 15 minutes.

It’s called Legs-Up-the-Wall pose, which is a very accurate description.

It looks like this:

legs up wall

I like to put a folded blanket under my lower back.  Plus I bend my knees a bit.  The idea is to be comfortable but to do so with your legs up.  If you need to slide away from the wall that is fine.  We’re not talking about perfection here.  We’re talking about putting your body in position to relax and comfort itself.

For added comfort you can put something over your eyes like a folded washcloth.  Plus you can place your arms in any position.

Of course you can’t drop yourself into this pose at work (though I’d love you to send me a photo if you do), but this pose is right up there with a warm bath and hot cocoa.

Consider this another tool in your stress busting toolbox.

For a more elegant description, click here for Yoga Journal’s step-by-step explanation including how to get into and out of the pose.

Let me what you think about Legs-Up-the-Wall pose in the Comments section.  And if you use this tool in an unusual place (subway station, conference room, shopping mall) then by all means, please share and let me give you the comfort and kudos you deserve.


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