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Declutter Your Mind to Reduce Stress & Gain Perspective

In a world where we’re led to believe that a busy life means a productive (and happy) life, why are so many women in a state of constant stress and tension?

Your job is often a major source of stress with its volumes of emails, back-to-back meetings, office politics, demanding responsibilities, and an unending to-do list.  You operate on a steady diet of tension, urgency and fear. It’s easy to feel as though something is wrong with you because you can’t juggle it all.

You may not hate your job but you hate the toll it’s taking on you.  How can you fall in love with your life again?

THE WORKING WOMAN’S SANITY HANDBOOK will help clear the mental clutter so you have space in your brain to find peace, perspective, and share your special gifts with the world.

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This step-by-step guide shows you:

  • How to identify your most cagey stress triggers
  • How your body and mind respond to stress (and how this is the key to reducing tension)
  • How to build your own pimped-out customized stress-busting toolbox
  • How to clear the clutter in your mind in order to do your best work (and share your unique gifts)
  • Most importantly, how to keep your sense of humor

Imagine feeling calm, clear-headed and proactive.  As you gain control over your stress, you’ll be able to better assess yourself and your work situation so you don’t have to be a reactive machine.

“She could have called the book “Greetings from the Land Where They Eat Their Young: How to Thrive (Happily) in the Wonderful World of Work” – Linda’s depth of experience and personal journey from the land of the cubicle to personal peace and author are front and center in The Working Woman’s Sanity Handbook. She’s poignant, wicked funny, and her tools for finding balance and harmony are spot on. Read, enjoy, apply. You’ll wake up to a happier, healthier you.”

susan pic     Susan Thomson, CEO, ActionCOACH Madison,


You can do great work and not be constantly stressed.

Also included is THE SANITY WORKBOOK where you can take these techniques and fine tune them for your own use.  You’ll be able to explore the way stress is generated in your typical day, and then apply the stress reduction approaches that resonate with you.






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“Linda is truly an amazing spirit, and it shines through in The Working Woman’s Sanity Handbook! She understands the trials and challenges that face professional women, and she approaches it with humor, insight, grace, and compassion. I can honestly say this book helped remind me to trust who I am, and that we, as women, have so much to offer the world no matter what kind of craziness life throws our way!”

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  Rachel Rasmussen, President & Founder, Rescue Desk LLC,


The Working Woman’s Sanity Handbook is a must-have for professional women who want more calm and vitality in their lives. Linda takes a holistic approach to busting stress and shares practical exercises that work in any situation. Importantly, she focuses on prevention and gives you the tools you need to identify stress triggers before they take hold.

“What I especially love about the book is that it’s ultimately about the big-picture, encouraging women to change their mindset so they can focus on enjoying their life and reaching their full potential. You won’t just get your zen on, you’ll get a life you love.”


Jehane Sharah, Owner & Writer Extraordinaire, Write Your Way,



Me editedI’m Linda Lepe and dealt with work stress for more than two decades. I’ve been lucky to have had two interesting and very different careers (nutrition and financial planning). My own troubling stress symptoms started in my mid-20s as I struggled to manage my busy mind and just calm the heck down. By trying dozens of techniques, I’ve learned what works for me by mastering the skill of watching myself in action (the good, the bad and the really ugly). 

I help others who want to change the habits that are holding them back.  We each have a calm, happy person dwelling inside of us who wants to come out and play!

I’ve done many things in my corporate life, but at the end of the day, I love helping others identify and adjust bad/stressful/silly behaviors.  Even my own!  (Especially my own!)

“You don’t want to miss reading The Working Woman’s Sanity Handbook!  Not only do you learn incredibly valuable and insightful strategies for handling stress in your busy life, you gain a new friend as Linda entertains you with her wonderful humor and personal stories of struggle and discovery. You can’t help but feel a connection with her journey as she learns and applies life-saving tools. The bonus workbook leaves you no excuse to not use what you learn. There is helpful and clear guidance to apply Linda’s suggestions to your own daily routine.  It is a fun and easy read that will empower and inspire you to create a more enjoyable life.”

Tina Hallis, Owner, Speaker & Trainer, The Positive Edge, thepositiveedge.orgtina pic



My busy family life also contributes to my stress.  Is this book only about stress at work?

No.  Most of us have layers of stress that build up over time.  That includes items outside of work.  However, the same tendencies and habits are at play.  As you focus on one area of your life, you’ll see benefits in all areas.

Do I have to learn yoga or sit on mat and not think?

Even though yoga and meditation are two stress-reduction tools, they might not be the best fit for you.  You’ll learn about many simple techniques; then you decide what you want to use for your own situation.

How do I know that I won’t forget all this once I finish the book?

The workbook is meant to reinforce and customize your situation so you can determine what works best for you.  It’s all great to read about stress-reduction, but for long-term results it’s important to experiment with these tools and apply what you’ve learned.  Plus you’ll also receive a resource guide that will list online and mobile resources to help you continue your journey.

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